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Sean Kelly offers more than 15 years of experience in communications, public education, film & radio, and fundraising on social, environmental and global issues. He can help you get your message across in today's saturated media environment.

Sean specializes in doing a lot with a little. Money isn't always the problem - although, of course, sometimes it is - but rather what we are saying and how we are saying it. Low budget doesn't have to mean low creativity or low impact.

Sean has worked or volunteered for many non-governmental organizations including:

  • CUSO
  • VSO International
  • Oxfam
  • Unicef
  • National Judicial Institute
  • Coastal Communities Network
  • World Food Day Association
  • Nova Scotia Environment and Development Coalition
  • Lester Pearson Institute.

He is available as a communications consultant, and can offer ideas and advice on messages, organizational branding, promotions, ads, media strategy and educational or fundraising campaigns. Sean also offers low-budget but high-quality video and radio podcasting services.

If you need creative, cost-effective communications ideas, or another set of eyes to look over your current plans and products, please contact Sean. He will help get your message out there - and into the hearts, minds and wallets of your target audience.

Selected communications experience of Sean Kelly:

  • Writer for ads, promotions, public education and fundraising campaigns for non-governmental organizations.
  • Communications strategy/media relations trainer
  • Organization re-branding consultant
  • Freelance writer published in newspapers and magazines
  • Editor of a national, award-winning magazine on environment issues (The Sustainable Times)
  • Producer of organizational videos for NGOs including the National Judicial Institute
  • Director of documentaries broadcast on CBC and Green TV
  • Website writer (example: cuso-vso.org)
  • Overseas volunteer in the West Indies and Thailand in education and community development